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Therapeutic / Dynamic Energy Massage

With Therapeutic Massage therapy, clients are relaxed and renewed after each treatment. Your session is tailored to work on your specific goals and needs offering solutions for longer term pain and stress management. Incorporating a multitude of techniques learned since certifying in the USA in 2002, we work together to find your place of harmony in mind and body to provide relief.
60 minute £85
90 minute £110


Acupressure Foot Care

This treatment was developed as a blend of reflexology, pressure point and massage techniques. It came from a desire to find a solution to my foot pain and bunion formation. In the course of a few months, I corrected these problems and now walk pain free. Now I work with you to offer solutions and in some cases, teach you to do it for yourself. By focusing on the feet, one of our most neglected body regions, relief is found in all areas of the body and mind. Love your feet. Love yourself.
30 minute £50
60 minute £75

Organic Honey Radiance Facials - Therapi

These facials use the simple, beautiful skincare range from Therapi, bee based organic skincare. We cleanse and nourish the skin while relaxing and rejuvenating the whole person. For a truly decadent experience, choose the 75 minute Ultimate Radiance Facial - simply incomparable.
45 minute Essential £75
75 minute Ultimate £100

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Therapeutic Hand / Arm Care

We embrace the world, life and those in it with our arms and hands. Like our feet, our arms and hands are used constantly and rarely without thought or attention to what they do for us. Anyone suffering from neck or shoulder injuries, arthritis or way too much dishwashing and wrist tension from computer / phone texting - this is an extraordinary way to better understand your tension and give thanks to these beloved body parts. 

30 minute £50

A different type of massage. Call me today to find out about my unique approach and to book a visit. 07717.209887

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Synergy ~ Therapeutic

Be More You

De-stress. As a Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Facialist I am a firm believer in a complete approach to wellbeing. The human body is a complex blend of mind, intellect, emotions, physical body, and soul/spirit. All must be in harmony for a free flow of energy. It is the intention to provide a safe and peaceful space so you are comfortable allowing your true self to emerge. The result is the release of tension and stress so the full joy of living may be expressed as you become more you.

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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Leann Bridwell

Ebrington near Chipping Campden, UK


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