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A pure hydrolat produced from the more modern distillation method of the Damascena Rose. We buy direct from an organic micro-farm in small batches seasonally in May/June when the roses are handpicked and within hours turned into the water along with the beloved essential oil. It is a scent closer to the garden rose bush as a whole than the rosewater distilled from the artisan method (see Softest Damascena Rosewater). Stronger than the Gentle Rosewater, this rose is good for dry skin particularly that which is beginning to mature or has already entered into the wisdom years. Use in place of a toner to hydrate and refresh the skin/hair. It is a beautiful and decadent linen spray / pillow mist as it is non-staining. For rosacea prone skin, please use the Gentle Rosewater or the Softest Rosewater. For really oily, acne prone skin please use the Lavender Water.

Damascena Rosewater, Organic, 50ml spray or 100ml splash

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